Celebrating 100 Years ofInnovative Community Building

A century ago, five Minneapolis residents had the foresight to create an organization that connected people, ideas and resources to improve the lives of everyone in their community. During The Minneapolis Foundation’s first year of operation, $25,000 in grants was distributed to support this mission – a stark contrast from last year’s $80 million! Our founders would be proud to know that over the past century, we’ve invested $850 million to impact the lives of people locally and globally.

Please join us in celebrating our centennial.


Making an Impact

The Minneapolis Foundation brings people together to unite behind common goals and spark positive change in our community.
Our vision is of a greater Minneapolis that is vibrant, inclusive and positioned to thrive locally and compete globally.

We are making this vision come to life by investing in six key focus areas:

Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture

We are committed to sustaining our robust and diverse arts community. That commitment is reflected in the ranking of The Minneapolis Foundation as one of the largest funders of the arts in Minnesota.

Economic Vitality

Economic Vitality

We are working toward building an inclusive workforce, reflective of our changing demographics, as well as a business climate that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and self-sufficiency. Creating stable, well-paying jobs is critical to the long-term vitality of our economy.



We believe that children are our future. That’s why we are investing in systems and programs that put all children on track to compete in a global economy, participate in civic life and pursue their dreams.

Community Health

Community Health

We are committed to building a healthy community where all people have access to critical necessities including excellent medical care, social services, stable housing and livable wages.

Environment & Conservation

Environment & Conservation

Preserving our city’s rich river history and reducing our carbon footprint are two cornerstones of our community’s future. That’s why, on a monthly basis, The Foundation invests a quarter of a million dollars to support environmental causes.

Face Forward
Futurist Conference

Friday, September 18, 2015

Minneapolis Convention Center

Held in celebration of The Minneapolis Foundation’s Centennial, the Face Forward Futurist Conference drew more than 1,500 Twin Cities leaders and residents to learn about innovative approaches to some of the community’s biggest challenges and opportunities. The conference featured such thought-provoking speakers as physician Atul Gawande, physicist Michio Kaku, charity innovator Dan Pallotta, and longevity expert Dan Buettner, as well as MPR host Kerri Miller, who led the day’s discussion.

100 Years of Stories

From E.L. Carpenter, a founder of the Foundation who also led the establishment of the Minnesota Orchestra, to Frances Andrews, a conservationist and philanthropist who helped secure federal protection of what ultimately became the Boundary Waters, the stories of the people behind the Foundation are endless — and undeniably worth sharing.

Explore our past and discover the rich history of our community.


A Wish for the Future

Today, we all have our eye on the future. A new generation of philanthropists is building on a century-old vision and putting their resources to work in places The Foundation’s founders could have never imagined: places like high-tech classrooms, magnificent arts spaces, and our amazing park system — which was just a twinkle in our founders’ eyes.

So tell us, what’s your wish for our community’s future? A Super Bowl championship? A quality education for all children? Sustainable energy?

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Sandy Vargas
President & CEO of The Minneapolis Foundation

100 Starts With 1

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