Pay It Forward FOREVER Fund

Funding Our Future

In celebration of the The Minneapolis Foundation’s centennial year, we have created the Centennial Pay it Forward FOREVER Fund, a new twist on endowment that will maximize the impact of your giving for centuries to come.

With a gift of $25,000, you can join other visionary philanthropists to establish a powerful, lasting legacy for future citizens of Minneapolis that will provide significant grantmaking funds and a permanent endowment at the Foundation.

A New Twist on an Old Idea

Founding Father Benjamin Franklin called compounded interest the “eighth wonder of the world.” After years extolling the virtues of penny pinching, in 1789 Franklin wrote a codicil to his will that combined his investment philosophy with his philanthropy by establishing a 200-year endowment to benefit the communities of Boston and Philadelphia. He included broad direction on how to spend some of the principle after the first 100 years, and 100 years after that. His resources, compounded over the decades, helped build museums and colleges and provided hundreds of scholarships. Today, some Franklin funds held by community foundations continue to support nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania.

Philanthropy’s New Math

Endowments provide a secure, consistent source of income and a lasting legacy, but, since most institutions spend income at a rate of about 5 percent per year, the impact is slow. In contrast, non-endowed gifts can meet immediate needs and fund dramatic change, but once the money’s gone, it’s gone.

The Pay It Forward FOREVER Fund offers the best of both worlds: Perpetual fund growth and dramatic impact in partnership with a trusted community leader, The Minneapolis Foundation.

The Pay It Forward FOREVER Fund is a financial time capsule of sorts. The Foundation is investing 100 new gifts of $25,000 for maximum growth until the year 2065. At that time, Trustees will allocate 80 percent of the fund to community impact grants and retain the remaining 20 percent to grow the fund. Each 50 years, we will do the same thing again, in perpetuity. The compounded impact is astounding.


Timeline For Growth

100 individuals, families and corporations invest $25,000 in new gifts to form the $2.5 million Pay It Forward FOREVER Fund.

After 50 years of investment, the fund will reach nearly $29 million.* Eighty percent of the fund’s value – nearly $23 million – will be shared with the community through grants.

By the Foundation’s bicentennial, the fund will have reached nearly $66 million. Eighty percent of the fund’s value will again be granted out to the community and the remaining 20% will be invested for another 50 years.

Lasting Partnerships

Only a community foundation like The Minneapolis Foundation can offer you an opportunity like the Pay It Forward FOREVER Fund. The Minneapolis Foundation has connected people, charitable resources and ideas for 100 years, and we plan to do that for another century. We’re the guardians of your generous gifts, your vision and your hope for the greater Minneapolis area. Our donor advisors and Trustees are united behind common goals and driven to spark positive change in our community.

We don’t know what the future will hold for the greater Minneapolis area or what challenges and opportunities our descendants and successors will face in 50, 100 or 150 years. But, like Benjamin Franklin, we know that careful stewardship and creative generosity today can have a powerful impact tomorrow. Please join us in this exciting, centennial-year opportunity at The Minneapolis Foundation.

Become a Centennial Futurist!

Contact us today to learn more about this once-in-a-century opportunity to change lives and shape the future.

Beth Halloran | Senior Vice President, Advancement
(612) 672-3820